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Glasgow Translation is a professional translation agency based in Glasgow, a division of Translator UK

Glasgow Translation Services

Professional translation services are not as common as you would think. Finding a company that will project manage all of your translations and provide human-performed translations by industry experts that are fully qualified in the specific language pair that the client needs is not easy. Glasgow Translation as part of the Translator UK brand is one such company.

Asking a friend, or even a bilingual person to perform translations for your company can cost a lot more than the price of professional translation.

The amount of money you can possibly save by the use of non-professional translation is never worth the potential loss of revenue from your corporate image being devalued due to errors in your corporate message.

Core Translation Services

Common Translation Misconceptions

What you need to know?

  1. Glasgow Translation is part of the Translator UK brand, which is in fact a UK company.
  2. All translations are performed by humans, not by any type of automated software; therefore ensuring the highest quality of the final translation.
  3. All translations are performed by vetted translators whose native tongue is always that of the target language, so you will be assured that the resultant text is written in the exact same tone and manner as the original.