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Thank you for your interest in becoming a freelance translator working for Glasgow Translation Services. The below relates to a job as a freelance translator from English to Hungarian. If you translate from Hungarian to English instead, please see: Hungarian to English translator jobs available in Glasgow

English to Hungarian Translator

Glasgow Translation Services, as a progressive translation agency in Glasgow are in search of several experienced English to Hungarian Translators to work from the head office or potentially remotely elsewhere in the United Kingdom depending on experience and qualifications.

Please note that the following minimum criteria are mandatory, and if you do not match all of these, please do not send your CV as it will be ignored.

We will endeavor to respond to all applicants, but due to high volumes of applicants, sometimes this is not possible. If you do not hear from us, rest assured we will hold your details on file and potentially contact you in the future.

Glasgow Translation Services is an established translation agency with translators based in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Mandatory Criteria for English to Hungarian translators

Additional (desired) criteria for English to Hungarian translators

Please mention if you comply with these additional criteria in your cover letter or email.

How to apply for English to Hungarian translator job at Glasgow Translation Services

Should you wish to apply for this role, please send the following to translatorcv@glasgowtranslation.co.uk, with the subject of the email being: "English to Hungarian Translator CV"

Before sending your CV, please review the summary of this occupation as listed below:

English to Hungarian Freelance Translator

Description of the responsibilities of an English to Hungarian Freelance Translator: An English to Hungarian translator in Glasgow translates documents, audio clips, videos and other materials from English to Hungarian and delivers the completed work via email or electronic file transfer service.

Estimated Salary: Approximately GBP £40 per hour

Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom

Can work Remotely? Yes

This job was first posted on Glasgow Translation Services on 2020-06-11 - this position was last updated on 2022-07-01. Glasgow Translation Services is an established translation agency with translators based in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

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Not sure if you are right for the role?

We would invite you to review (in detail) the services offered by Hungarian translation agencies in Glasgow, and consider how many of the translation services you would be able to provide. Be sure to indicate these services within your cover letter.

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